Sundown Lake

Moravia, Iowa

Surrounding Area

Appanoose County

One of Iowa's southern-most counties, Appanoose County is comprised of small towns and a diverse rural landscape. Its rolling hills create a uniquely rich area for wildlife as well as farming communities. Appanoose County is known across the country for its hunting and is famous for its world record holding White-tailed deer.

Established in 1843, Appanoose County was one of Iowa's main coal mining areas. It covers 516 square miles with a current population of 12,700. The town of Centerville is its county seat. Appanoose County possesses a rich heritage and is filled with friendly people who know their neighbors and take pride in their family traditions.

Moravia, IA

Located just seven miles from Sundown Lake, Moravia is a quaint town made up of about 650 people. Sundown residents can visit Moravia to find a local grocery store, a well-stocked convenience store, meat locker, and many other locally run businesses. Every year on Labor Day weekend, Moravia holds its Fall Festival. It is one of the oldest continuous celebrations in the state of Iowa and provides lots of fun for people of all ages.

Centerville, IA

Centerville is the county seat of Appanoose County. It is located approximately 20 miles southwest of Sundown Lake. With a population of about 5,500 it is the largest city near the lake. Centerville offers many opportunities for dining, shopping, and lodging. It also offers several historical landmarks including World's Largest Town Square with 116 buildings and the Appanoose County Courthouse.

Lake Rathbun

Known as "Iowa's Ocean", Rathbun Lake is only 6 miles from Sundown Lake. This 11,000 acre lake offers numerous water and outdoor recreational activities including boating, water sports, camping, and fishing. Visitors can also take advantage of Honey Creek Resort which is located on the north side of Lake Rathbun. It provides hotel rooms or cabins for lodging, an indoor water park, boat ramps, a restaurant, and an 18 hole golf course.