Sundown Lake

Moravia, Iowa

Amenities at Sundown Lake

Common Areas (Park areas for owners)

All of the owners and their guests at Lake Sundown can enjoy several acres of land in multiple locations. These areas have been laid out strategically so that they are within walking distance of most lots. These areas include hundreds of feet of shoreline, beaches, grill stations, fishing, docks, and other recreational opportunities.


The shower and bathhouse was constructed to support boaters and campers around the lake. This building can be under appreciated until it is needed by the owners and their guests at Sundown. The restroom area is professionally cleaned weekly and provides a hot shower along with men's and women's restrooms.


Located on the north side of lake you will find a secluded sand beach. The beach provides a perfect place to relax and enjoy the day at Sundown. On weekends and weekdays you will find individuals and families enjoying a sunny day sun bathing, floating, or picnicking at the beach.

Boat Launch

A full concrete boat launch is located on the north side of the lake. This ramp has a loading dock and can support nearly any size vessel. Currently this one launch is more than adequate to support the number of people boating on the lake, and may make it easier to monitor lake traffic in the future.

Docks for Owners

Lake Access Lots have had an opportunity to purchase a boat slip in a set common area. Lake front lot owners have the ability to put in their own dock space on their frontage. For owners that have a lake access lot, owners' docks have been installed. They are a convenient way for owners to enjoy boating at the lake. These docks are maintained by the owners association for a fee of $75 per year. The docks have enough space to put in a boat lift if necessary.

Fish Stocking

A fish study was performed at the lake by Aaron Klushmire, a fish biologist, in 2017. In the study it was determined that there are 12 different species of fish in the lake. The lake is known for Largemouth Bass, Crappie, and Catfish. Owners at the lake were considering Walleye stocking. In 2018 1,500 Largemouth Bass were put into the lake and in 2019 additional Walleye were added in the fall of 2021. This stocking by the membership will continue in future years to make sure that the lake remains a viable fishing lake for years to come.

Lake Association

The - Lake Sundown Association Board has been elected by the owners and association members. They have a newly elected member heading the building and protective covenant position. All other board members were re-elected at the annual meeting. Current membership dues are $800 per lot, per year. This fee covers the general maintenance it takes to maintain the lake and the nearly 12 miles of private roadways inside the lake development. Each lot owner has a one vote per lot owned standing in the association.


The development of Sundown Lake does have a set of rules in place to ensure that the area will remain what you thought it would be when you purchased. The use of campers are permitted with some limitations. The time line for building is open ended with some rules in place for when you must finish the exterior of a home once started. Hunting is allowed to state DNR regulations. No maintenance including mowing is required after you purchase the property. Please contact us for a complete set of rules at for the development.

Lake Maps

A complete lake map is on file and can be sent out to you upon request. Please keep in mind that the lake is a private community that only allows owners and their guests. If you are hoping to look at specific properties it would be beneficial to contact us.